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We read your prayer within the Vatican - one of the holiest places on earth.

We have delivered thousands of prayers to the Vatican from people in over 150 countries around the globe. We now invite you to have this experience by becoming an important part of our community. You may begin by Becoming a Member and Sending Your Prayer now.


Our Goal

DeliverMyPrayer.org provides a service to those who wish to have their hopes, dreams, and prayers read and acknowledged within the walls of the Vatican's Saint Peter's Church. As the Pope's ceremonial center and burial place of Saint Peter, the principal of the twelve apostles, Saint Peter's Basilica lies on some of the most uniquely divine ground for prayer. For centuries people have made pilgrimages to this miraculous building to pay homage to its beauties and say a meaningful prayer close to the holy powers that lie within it. This is what inspires us at DeliverMyPrayer.org to take prayers from around the world and deliver them to this historic and sacred place. With much appreciation for today's breadth of communication and far reaches of the internet we are able to accept wonderful messages and prayers from many countries and hand deliver them with care and precision to the Saint Peter's Church. This truly brings us much happiness and we hope it will bring happiness and health to you and your entire family as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments, suggestions and thoughts. Every bit of feedback is very useful to us in making your experience more enjoyable. You may visit the Feedback area to share your stories and experience with us.

How It Works

We want to help you get your prayers heard by those who have the power to help. After you submit your prayer to us from anywhere in the world we hand deliver it to where the world has one of the closest bonds to the heavens. Our readers will receive your message, take it to the Saint Peter's church, and read it inside the sacred walls within a small distance from the Pope's residence and the Holy See. Your prayer will be sealed only to be opened inside the beautiful Saint Peter's Basilica. Your prayer is highly confidential and it means very much to us to keep your private thoughts strictly between you and the church. Our messengers are screened and monitored to ensure the utmost privacy. You may choose to have your prayer read aloud in the church or simply kept silent as our messengers emanate your communiqué to the sacred space.

When your prayer is submitted we will arrange its immediate delivery either later that day or the following day (depending on the time of submission and the open hours of Saint Peter's in the Vatican). Once your prayer has been read and the entirety of its message has been delivered to the resting place of Saint Peter, the first Vicar of Christ, a notification will be sent to you confirming its successful release. Visit the Send Prayer page to have your message delivered and read as soon as possible.

We operate only on your donations. We request a donation of €3.00 (Euro - the currency used in Rome and the Vatican) for your prayer delivery and reading service if you are not a member. Members are requested to donate €1.50 for each delivery. To take advantage of this benefit you can Sign Up to become a member. A portion of this donation goes directly to the Vatican to help continue their wonderful work. You may also make a contribution by visiting the Contribute page to help us grow and reach more people. We thank you very much for your support and appreciate any help you are able to provide. More about membership donations...

Please be aware that we are a private company - and not affiliated with the Vatican itself.
More about our relationship and donations to the Vatican...

We truly enjoy delivering your prayers everyday and helping out as much we can. It brings us great pleasure to know our service could be helping people even just a small amount.

Membership Services

By establishing a membership account with us, you can take advantage of many useful tools, more convenient ways to submit your prayers, and become an important part of our community. Benefits of having an account are as follows:

Membership is free – we operate only on donations.
A portion of your donations go directly to the Vatican.
Past prayers are stored for your review and easy resubmission at any time.
No need to re-enter the same information over and over with each prayer.
(ex: name, email address, etc.)
You may set up future prayers for special occasions or holidays for example.
You may also setup recurring prayers for daily, weekly, monthly, or annual delivery.
The requested donation is reduced by half. More about donations...
(As a member each prayer is delivered for €1.50 instead of €3.00.)
As a member you may also enjoy all aspects of being a part of the Online Community.

To learn more about becoming a member, please visit the Membership Services page or become a member now with the button below.


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