Why is my billing information needed?

Your membership account and having your prayers read in the Vatican are entirely free! The donations that we request are certainly optional. We operate only on donations - but if you are unable to donate we truly understand. This service was started as an aim to help people around the world with the experience of having their thoughts and prayers read in one of the holiest places on earth. Donations are simply a way for us to maintain our service and support our operating costs.

As an official member you are asked to donate 1.50 (Euros) for each of the prayers that you send to the Vatican. If you do not send any prayers you will never be asked to donate and your billing information is unnecessary. If you do send prayers to the Vatican you will be asked to enter your billing information. On the first day of each month your billing information will be authorized for the amount of prayers submitted in the previous month. To view your account balance you may visit your Donations page.

We strive to constantly improve our members' experiences. Please let us know any questions you may have.

The DeliverMyPrayer.org Team