Our donations to the Vatican

Please be aware that we are a private company - and not affiliated with the Vatican itself. We are simply a group who will read your prayer within the Vatican's publicly open church; the Saint Peter's Basilica. This service is entirely free as we enjoy helping as many people as we can by providing this uplifting experience. It has come to our attention that some might have suspicion of our authenticity because of the existence of so many fallible entities on the internet. We are not one of these and would like to reassure you that our service is legitimate and selfless. We simply use the power of the internet to reach people from all corners of the globe to enable them to have their prayers read in the Vatican. This operation requires upkeep, personnel and maintenance - and this is the reason we request an optional donation. A portion of the donations that we receive are sent to the Vatican to help continue their great work and to show our gratitude. These donations are sent to the Vatican annually via their donations website connected to Vatican.va. Our latest donation to the Vatican, for the donations we received in 2012, went to the Vatican under the company name DMP LLC. The Vatican gave us the following reference number for this latest donation: 134644632002.893397030.

If you have any further questions regarding our relationship with the Vatican or our donations, please do not hesitate to let us know.

The DeliverMyPrayer.org Team