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What does do?
We receive prayers from around the world and deliver them to one of the holiest places on Earth, the Saint Peter’s church in Vatican City. The prayer is then read within the sacred walls by our readers. To learn more please visit the About Us page.

How long does delivery and reading take?
When your prayer is submitted we will arrange its immediate delivery either later that day or the following day (depending on the time of submission and the open hours of Saint Peter's in the Vatican). A prayer submitted before 3pm (CET - Vatican time zone) will most likely be read that very same day within Saint Peter’s. Prayers submitted after this time will be delivered and read the following day or shortly thereafter depending on the volume of prayers submitted that day.

How much does the prayer delivery service cost?
You need not donate to maintain an account and have your prayers read in the Vatican. Having a membership account and community profile is free. We request a donation for each prayer read in the Vatican. We operate only on these donations – but it is certainly still optional. Members are requested to donate €1.50 (Euro - the currency used in Rome and the Vatican) for each prayer successfully delivered to the Vatican. This ensures that we can continue to operate and deliver prayers via our dedicated readers in the Vatican. As a non-member, the requested donation of €3.00 helps to cover the costs of prayers sent for less fortunate people who cannot afford to donate. A portion of this donation is also given to the Vatican to help continue their wonderful work. More about our donations to the Vatican. To take advantage of this benefit you can Sign Up to become a member. More about membership donations...

How can I help grow, reach more people,
and continue the goodwill around the world?

By becoming a supporter we are able to perpetuate our service, grow the community, create more features for our patrons, give to the Vatican, and help less fortunate people by delivering their prayers to the Saint Peter's church. Visit the Contribute page to become a supporter. We operate only on donations and appreciate any support you are able to provide.

How secure are my private messages and prayers?
We ensure that your prayer is kept completely confidential throughout the entire process. Your message is sealed until the time of its reading. Even then it is your choice to have it read aloud or silently emanated within the Saint Peter’s church. We use a protected system to send your messages to our readers in the Vatican (view our security measures). Our readers are screened and legally bound by contract to never divulge any prayer to anyone. Once the delivery is complete the prayer only lives on inside the sacred church.

What is the relationship between and the Vatican?
Please be aware that we are a private company - and not affiliated with the Vatican itself. We are simply a group who will read your prayer within the Vatican's publicly open church; the Saint Peter's Basilica. This service is entirely free as we enjoy helping as many people as we can by providing this uplifting experience. It has come to our attention that some might have suspicion of our authenticity because of the existence of so many fallible entities on the internet. We are not one of these – and would like to reassure you that our service is legitimate and selfless. We simply use the power of the internet to reach people from all corners of the globe to enable them to have their prayers read in the Vatican. This operation requires upkeep, personnel and maintenance - and this is the reason we request an optional donation. A portion of the donations that we receive are sent to the Vatican to help continue their great work and to show our gratitude. These donations are sent to the Vatican annually via their donations website connected to Our latest donation to the Vatican, for the donations we received in 2008, went to the Vatican in early 2009. We donate under the company name DMP LLC. The Vatican gave us the following reference number for our donation: 12362833200.85354900. If you have any further questions regarding our relationship with the Vatican or our donations, please do not hesitate to let us know.
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