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There are two seperate areas that make up your membership account. One is the area devoted to the Online Community - the Social Network. The other is the area devoted to sending prayers to the Vatican. These two areas are seperated in your account's menu. On the left the menu items are in orange to represent tools for the Online Community - like your profile, public prayers, pictures, messages and friends. On the right are tools in blue for Vatican operations - like scheduling, sending and tracking prayers and donations.

By establishing a membership account with us, you can take advantage of many useful tools, more convenient ways to submit your prayers, and become an important part of our community.
Benefits of Membership:

Membership is free we operate only on donations.
A portion of your donations go directly to the Vatican.
Past prayers are stored for your review and easy resubmission at any time.
No need to re-enter the same information over and over with each prayer.
(ex: name, email address, etc.)
You may set up future prayers for special occasions or holidays for example.
You may also setup recurring prayers for daily, weekly, monthly, or annual delivery.
You may view and print Official Prayer Delivery Certificates.
You may send Gift Prayers.
The requested donation is reduced by half.
As a member each prayer is delivered for 1.50 instead of 3.00. (Why is this?)
As a member you may also enjoy all aspects of being a part of the Online Community.


Scheduled Prayers

With membership we also offer services to help you either keep up with tradition, never forget an important time in the future to pray, or help you create a schedule for praying if you wish. Our system allows you to save your prayers and have them submitted to Saint Peter's church at a date in the future, or on a preset schedule. This works the same way as submitting your prayer yourself on the 'Send Prayer' page except we deliver it when you ask instead of right away.

If you have a prayer you'd like to say everyday, you need not log on everyday. We can simply submit that message for you to be delivered and read in the Vatican whenever you so desire. You can also set up as many of these helpful submissions as you like. Pray everyday, once a week, month, year, or on a single date in the future. You may also have all of these working at the same time if you wish all with unique schedules and messages for each. To clarify what we mean, see the following list of examples to show how the recurring prayer system can be used.
Benefits of Scheduled Prayers:

Send one prayer on a single specific date in the future, like a graduation or an important upcoming event.
Send a prayer everyday or multiple times a day for yourself or different people.
Send multiple friends separate prayers for their birthdays or other occasions once a year, month, week, or day.
There are many other possibilities and useful situations that the recurring membership system enables. We hope you take advantage and that
the system is very helpful to you.

You may also 'pause' your scheduled prayers without deleting them so you may return to using them at anytime. Once a prayer has been sent it is stored in your account and displayed on the Prayer History page. This allows you to easily review your past messages and resend them when you see fit. All of these features and more are easy to learn and set up once you are logged into your account. We are also always eager to help you if you ever have a question or comment about your membership account and its services.


The Online Community

We are proud to report the flourishing popularity of the Community Network a place to share prayers, advice, pictures, make friends and spread the goodwill. The network allows our members to interact with each other, Prayer Groups and individual churches around the world. Each member has a profile that other members may view and converse with.
As a member you may:

Share your prayers
Exchange thoughts and advice
Upload and share photos
Post comments and discussions
Make new friends
Join prayer groups
Find churches
Build relationships

We look forward to having you join our community and take advantage of our membership services. We strive to constantly improve your membership experiences and look forward delivering your prayers to the Vatican whenever you desire.

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