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Donna Nettles
Huntington Beach, Ca, United States

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Updated Feb 6, 2011, 11:01 pm

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Single mother to an 11 y/o son. We have been blessed with a beautiful life. We have a cat named, "Tuscon," a 2 y/o Laborador Retriever named, "London," a new 4 mo. Miniature Pinscher pup named, "Dublin." We rent a lovely townhome that has a pond in the back with 11+ Koi. Our landlord allows us to live here with reduced rent because we love his Koi and take care of them. My son loves to play with toy soldiers, read about the history of wars and play games on his Xbox. I recently returned to college to finish my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I am planning to pursue a career in Child & Adolescent Psychology (or Psychiatry....God willing, if he needs me to be a Psychiatrist then he will get me through medical school!). I am also taking courses so that I can become an Addiction Recovery Counselor, which will allow me to work in the counseling field as I go to school. I worked as a mediator for the last 13 yrs until I lost my job. I am currently living the quote, "When God closes one door, he opens another..." Blessings and love to all who stopped by!

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