Below you will find feedback from some of our patrons regarding their experience with our service. Please review their wonderful messages and add your own. Thank you for your kind words and well wishes. We appreciate every new comment, suggestion, or story of your experience.


"It is an honor to be able to send my prayers to our Holy Father in Rome at the Vatican city. May God bless you for your kindness. This is an excellent way to reach Our Lord by writing with our prayers to our Vatican. Praise to everybody who prays and may they be blessed every day."
Sheryll Lynn Coe
Sacramento, California, United States
"Well you feel touched at opening this site. It is good to know that in this time we have good people like you to pray for us in the most highly holy Vatican. We will always keep you in our prayers. May god bless us all. Amen."
Ivan Pinto
Manama, Bahrain
"Awesome, just awesome. Thank you."
Cincinnati, OH, United States
"Sincere thanks for your many prayers for Elvera and Biegio. They cried when they got the certificate and could'nt beleive it. Most of all, you have made two people very happy and for that I am truly greatful. May God reward you all."
Ann Finke
Malvern, Victoria, Australia
"I thank God for directing me to this website, it means more to me than any words can describe... Take care and God Bless all who read this message."
Shelda Burgess
Burlington, NC, United States
"This site is the best! It would take a miracle for me to go to the Vatican, but knowing that somehow, my prayer was sent there, I feel represented and part of me was there already. The pictures are nice too! Hopefully more pictures will be uploaded, so we could see the Vatican from all angles."
Pasig City, Philippines
"Thank you so much for this chance to be so connected with others to be able to pray together in such a holy place. There is such need today for prayers for so many. It was with such joy when I read how many in so many places of the world are praying/ it unites us as one. God's heart has to have a joy in it to see this. But it could only have been done by your unselfish love for God and his people. So it goes without saying that we also keep you in our prayers for your work and all you do to give us the opportunity to pray in this way. God Bless"
Bonnie Ryder
Fairport, NY, United States
"God bless the entire DMP team for your positive-change affecting efforts the world over. I have been to the Vatican City; Saint Peter's Basilica is an extraordinary place. Countless family and friends, however, have never been and may never get to go. Thank you for making the experience a tangible one for them! Godspeed with your future efforts. Peace & Love."
Voltaire Rico Sterling
Los Angeles, CA, United States
"What a comfort it is to know prayers are being said in the presence of the most high Vatican. Your service is invaluable. And through your service you bring so much hope. Thank you so much. "
Lexington, SC, United States
"Thank god for this site to deliver our prayers. I am very happy that my prayers have been answered. God Bless You"
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
"I've commented before in your feedback section. I just want to say, I am still in awe and am so very excited about your service. I can't put into words, the gratification I get knowing so many are praying for my petitions. It is so very comforting, and comforting to know that my prayers will be answered in His time of course, but I know they WILL be answered. God bless the team and God bless all of you who participate in this my loving prayers for all of Jesus and Mary...Michael."
Michael J. Foster
Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States
"Thank you for your prayers. I can already feel they have been answered. God bless you all and keep up the good work of the Lord."
Lynet N. Ngugi
Nairobi, Kenya
"By chance I came upon this wonderful and have invited as many as I could to join. I thank everyone involved in creating this site, of course, through our Lord's help, God bless you all. I am very happy that our prayers are offered up in Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican and thank each and everyone who is praying for my intentions. God bless each and everyone."
Sandra Joyce Thomas
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
"May the almighty GOD bless the owners of this site. Its really life changing. GOD bless you all, Amen."
Emmanuel Edom
Lagos, Nigeria
"My prayers have been answered!! I am eternally thankful."
Anthea Caruana
Europe, Gibraltar
"I recently became a member of deliver my prayer and I am in abundant gratitude to you for letting me be a part of it. I cannot wait to get up in the morning and read. It has made such a difference in my life. It is helping me get through a rough time for me, without it, I would have an empty place in my heart. What a wonderful idea to reach people, who are sick and cannot get to church. Thank you."
Laurie Bailer
Dayton, United States
"To think that my prayer was read at st. peters brings me such great joy I can not begin to put it into words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may god allways keep you in the palm of his hand."
Robert Costello
Ches. Va., United States
"T'was the Holy spirit that guided me to find this site. God Bless the whole deliver my prayer team."
Ana Maria Yoon
Ansan City, Korea, South
"...There was not one doubt, that Jesus had answered my prayer..."
Larry A Arceneaux
Houma, United States
"Sweet Jesus, bless you that deliver our prayers...I will never see the Church of St Peter but I now can feel part of this most sacred place through this wonderful website. God bless you all and may Christ's Peace come into the hearts of all those who help our prayers to be heard. God bless you all."
Dianne Surrey
Tonypandy, Mid Glamorgan, United Kingdom
"It is an awesome gift to know there is someone in the consecrated life interceding on your behalf, in the heart of the Christian Church :-) It is also an encouragement to yourself in praying daily, knowing that someone in St Peter's is doing the same each day without fail. And God even answered my prayers today too - Gracias O Senor!"
Nick Winser
Thetford, Norfolk, United Kingdom
"Dear DeliverMyPrayer Group, Thanks for your help. I was so happy to have such spiritual help in the Vatican. I am sure my prayer for my sister will be heard by God soon and she will receive help. I hope many more people will avail this spiritual facility to obtain graces for their lives. Thank you very much."
Maria B.
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
"Thank you so much for saying my prayer at the vatican. God bless you all and all of your team. The world is a better place for people because of your web site. THANK YOU."
Victoria, Australia
"May God bless you all for this wonderful site. I believe this site will aid to the spiritual uplifting of so many of us who have been longing to have this kind of avenue where our thoughts can be expressed. Thanks very much and God bless."
Lagos, Nigeria
"What a joy that I found this webite!! and I'm glad that this joy is also shared with so many other people from all over the world. I believe in the power of the prayer. Our Lord always listens. Praise the Lord."
Melbourne, Australia
"This is indeed a very wonderful site. Through posting my prayers I became more confident that Jesus answers my prayers in His own special way. At the same time, I see many people from all across the globe sharing the same faith and building it to become more and more perfect in the eyes of God. Thank you very much for this site. God bless us all..."
Taipei, Taiwan
"I cannot thank God enough for your amazing services. I'm filled with great joy in my heart for God has granted my request through your prayers, as I will be traveling abroad this year. May God bless you all and continue to bear witness to your prayers by signs, wonders and the outpour of his Holy Spirit."
Florence Okoye
Doha, Qatar
"Thank you for your prayers, love, support and great miracles I have received from the heavenly Father. I know that it was through God's gift that I met my partner Rafael who is a wonderful man. Through his example I have found true happiness and the true meaning of love. God Bless you all for this wonderful ability to be embraced by the community and all those who trust in God's great miracles."
Ellizzette Duvall
Sydney, Australia
"I awoke this morning with such awareness. I was alert and a sense of new life was within me, as I opened my email and the confirmation of my prayer was in front of my eyes. I then realised that it was the holy spirit that now again I feel. I thank you with all my heart."
Melissa Bartles Walsh
"I have prayed in voice but never in written word. God hears both and this venue gives a person a chance to put it down. Thanks for having such a site. God Bless the creators for putting this on the internet available to all. "
Georgina Tyo
Maitland, Ontario, Canada
"Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful site. This is just what I needed to be rest assured that I'm in good hands. May God continue to strengthen your group and make you live a more spiritual life."
Lagos, Nigeria
"I thank God, for this site. It gives me such peace to visit this site, and to send my prayers. I truly believe that our prayers are heard every day, from anywhere, but where there are 2 or more of God's believers, God is moving and answering prayers. Thank you Jesus."
Diane Davidson
Griffin, GA, United States
"May God Bless each and everyone that has visited this site. It is truly a Blessing to me to have found it. In Jesus' name! Amen."
Stacy Warrick
Land O Lakes FL, United States
"I am thankful for finding this site. It is really a blessing. I know that my prayers are answered. This site has been a blessing for me and I am sure it is a blessing for many more."
Winston Salem, NC, United States
"Thank you for this site. Over the last several years I have been burdened with many difficulties in my life. And, I hate to say it, but had forgotten how wonderful and generous God has been to me and my family. This site has made me remeber again that we are a community. Anyway, thank you and may God bless everyone here and around the world."
Niberth Ferrer
Chino Hills, United States
"Thank you for this great site. One lot of our family's prayers has been answered... Amen and Thanks."
"When I actually saw this site, I was happy, and couldn't believe you could send a prayer to the Vatican. It is an honor to have my prayers read aloud. I feel closer to God. What a beautiful way to be connected to God, with your own prayer read. I am a strong Catholic, and hope I get the chance of a lifetime to visit someday."
Susan Leone
Baring Plt., Maine, United States
"Thank you for the good work you do. Everyday is an inspiration for me to get my emails from you. May God continue to bless your good work."
Muntinlupa, Philippines
"I am really excited and happy to know that my prayer request will be read at vatican church. Just want to let you know that one of the request which I sent yesterday has been answered. Thank you all for praying and thank you God for answering my prayer. I encourage everyone to pray as god hears and answers us."
United Arab Emirates
"Thank God I've found a family that is always praying for me."
Mdudzi Ignatius Mangapu
Gauteng, South Africa
"I would like to thank you for praying for my son. I can see a softer attitude towards my faith already. Thank you."
Auckland, New Zealand
"Thank you for reading my prayer for my little girl. It was such a joy to get a confirmation that my prayer was read. Thank you Jesus."
Lisa Beasley
Fairfax, United States
"God bless you for this ministry!! I have sent in prayer requests for my family, my friends, a couple of organizations of which I am a member that are ahving difficulties, as well as for me! It is truly a wonderful feeling to know that others are adding their prayers to my own. Thank you so much!!"
Judy Leddy
Columbus, Ohio, United States
"First I would like to send my blessings to all. My grandmother told me to come to this site that I enjoy very much. My grandmother is 90 years old and is sick in the hospital, I wanted to say a prayer for her but didn't know how to really pray the right way. I talk to god all the time, but i wanted to pray despertally for her to get better. I found this site with great prayers for exactly what I was looking for, and thats how I decided to stick to this site. My lord wants me to keep praying for all and to help me better myself. I dont attend church like I should, but I will. Thank you."
Kathie Velez
Perth Amboy, NJ, United States
"I visited St. Peter's Basilica as a pilgrim in November 1997. I spent many hours praying and attending the Liturgies of the Basilica. It was an extraordinary religious experience to spend eleven days in the Eternal City."
Alfonso E. Erestain
Kensington, Maryland, United States
"Thank you for confirming receipt of my prayers. God bless you so much as its peaceful to know that my prayers were delivered."
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"Thanks for making us feel great knowing someone is interceeding for us.God governs the world but prayer governs God"
Sarah Mayobo
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"Profound thanks for your prayers on behalf of me and my family.God Bless."
"Thank you for praying for my son. He went to mass twice last month. Thank you."
Jenni Boulton
Auckland, New Zealand
"This site is so wonderful. I cant remember how I reached this site but I feel this is God's way to fulfill my request. This site has made my faith stronger and I feel god has already answered my prayer."
Scarbrough, Canada
"I'm very happy to be part of this great work of prayer and in the center of our Catholic faith, the Vatican. The unity and the faith is just what we need in our world today. Our country has many problems especially poverty of the majority of our people, the corruption in the government, the lack of social services, so many homeless, jobless, etc. I pray for all the members and may God grant our prayer requests for the glory of God and the spread of his kingdom on earth. Thanks again for this great site."
Sr. Marietta
Cebu City, Philippines
"Thank you very much for your prayer. Since i found this website, it's like a gift for me, where i can rest my time with God. God bless everyone who visits this site. God Bless us."
Winnie Anthonius
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
"I have just found this wonderful site. To know someone else feels the same way about our Lord God, our Blessed Mother Mary, St Joseph, all the angles and saints helps me to feel safe. May God bless all on this site."
Pauline Lynch
Dublin, Ireland
"Thank you lord, and thanks for all my brothers and sisters from Saint Peter basilica. My dear god answered my prayer. I was unable to get a job for about one year. Just three weeks ago I send a prayer request to Saint Peter basilica. This is known as a very holy holy place around the world. A miracle has happened to me. I have a job now. My god that is wonderful and awesome in Jesus name, Amen."
Freeport, Grand Bahamas, Bahamas
"Glory to God! Thank You Lord Jesus for answering my long time wish to be able to join the Pilgrimage to The Holy Land! And this 28th of Sept. it will be the day when I'll set foot in your Holy place! Thank you to all the wonderful people of GOD for lifting up our prayers at the Vatican! God Bless! I pray that I'd be able to support in my own small way in the propagation of the Faith through The Deliver My Prayer Organization."
Emma C.T.
"I made a prayer request for my mother in relation to her health. I sent the confirmation details to my sister who lives in another state and looks after mum. This is the response I received "Mum has asked me to send you an email to say thank you and that it is the best gift she has ever received in her entire life, hope you are well
love to you all

It is good to see that Jesus is alive and well and that God is at work in the world around us. Praise be to God and to his helpers in the Prayer delivery team.
Adelaide, Australia
"I asked for prayer for my son and his friends. My son has been persistently and vociferously 'not a Christian' for almost five years. He was even a Muslim for one year. My prayer for my son was read in the Vatican yesterday. That day, he came with me to mass, and even came up for a blessing. I believe in miracles - but, even I was amazed at this swift and visible answer to prayer."
Jenni Boulton
Auckland, New Zealand
"Hi DMP team, thank you so much for this wonderful website, its full of life and seeing St. Peter's Basilica just on website almost makes me feel like im already in Rome. May God bless the Basilica and answer the prayers of all his children, and may he in a special way answer the prayers of all those who send their prayers thru this website. My prayer was answered and my boyfriend changed in a million and one ways, THANK YOU DMP, and Special thanks to God our Father for his mercy to his children!!"
Mary Cleo
Kampala, Uganda
"I'm happy God let me find this great website. What a wonderful opportunity to pray one for all and all for one. Keep up the good work! Thank you and God bless you."
V. Ernesto Menjivar
New York, United States
"Dear Wonderful Servent of God, Sincere thanks. It was wonderful when I showed the Vatican delivery certificate to my good religous couple. They thanyou very much for making them so very happy. They had no idea this was possible. God bless you all on behalf of Elevera & Biagio Pribaz. Sincere thanks, you have made us very happy."
Ann Finke
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
"I thank everyone who has made it possible for people to use this website to talk with our God. Amen."
Wiesbaden, Germany
"I am so greatfully to find this site."
Stella ,ngozi
Imo State, Nigeria
"I have recieved the job I've been praying for for almost a year. I had faith in God that he would lead me to this new job which is close to home. I really appreciate all prayers that 'Deliver My Prayer' has helped me with. I can feel the power of God and the Holy Spirit manifesting in my life. Thanks and God bless you."
Leroy David Gedward
Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States
"I thank God for showing me this site in my deepest needs. I really love this site because I have been longing to go to Vatican City. Now that I believe my prayers will be read aloud in the vatican, I know and believe God who answers prayers has answered mine. I will write back to testify what God has done for me. Thanks to this ministry. It has really touched peoples' lives. God bless you all."
Ameh, Mary
Kogi, Nigeria
"It was only by chance, and what a blissful chance, that I discovered this treasure Deliver My, and now I am one of those blessed members! Thank you so much, and much more upon knowing that my petitions have been read in the Vatican and lifted up to our Lord Jesus!"
Emma C.
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
"I thank you all who had made it possible for us to use this website to talk with our lord. God’s blessings will be with you all. Amen."
Donald Agu
Wiesbaden, Germany
"God Bless every one who has prayed for me and mine. My prayers have been answered and I am eternally grateful for all the prayers from my community, family and the keepers of the website. Thank you so much. God is so true to His word and the bible is such a great book to read and apply in ones life."
Lynette Parks
Manly, New South Wales, Australia
"Thank you very much for the prayers. I finally have a job. Praise the Lord for this site. God Bless everyone."
Miri, Malaysia
"Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I sent in my prayer request sometime in July for my son-in-law to get this job in a very good company. On the 31st he was called for his first interview. I sent in another request for him to pass his interview - the lord loves us all. He passed his interview. Then he was called for his second interview. I fervently sent in another request for him to pass this interview and to be called to start work. Our Lord, God almighty answered my prayer. He passed his interview and today. He is starting his job at 8.30am! Praise the Lord who answers my immediate needs. Thank you my dear Brothers and Sisters who prayed for me. May our good Lord bless all of you. Amen."
Rita Rayar
Klang / Selangor, Malaysia
"Our God is an awesome God. Thank you for all the prayers. My prayers were answered as the doctor looked at me and said 'Dan, there is no blockage of any kind, very little plaque, nothing to worry about. Your going home this afternoon.' Prayers work as I always knew, and am so grateful for all the prayers said for me at Vatican. God Bless you all who think of others."
Daniel Squillante
Gulfport, Mississippi, United States
"Thanks to you who have created this wonderfull site and thanks to God! Its a blessing for me to have found this site. I'm so happy to know that intentions reach to our Father God through the praying inside the Vatican! It gives me new hope and the courage to hold on. God bless you all."
Anna-Maria Giorni
Genk, Belgium
"I was looking for the site of saints and healing prayers and something struck my attention on this deliver my prayer site. I thank you so much for this wonderful service and site. I sent immediately my prayers and I believe that my prayers will be granted. Thank you for reading my prayers aloud in the Vatican."
Kent, United States
"In my most distraught moment, I stumbled upon this site. It is a miracle. When I open this website I feel that I am there. May God bless all of you for bringing the less fortunate to the vatican. Thank you. Do remember that you are God's personal angels. I love you all the more for this. Amen."
Rita Rayar
Jln Setsen/klang/ Selangor, Malaysia
"Thank you so very much for delivering my prayer. May God bless you. Thank you very much!"
Valasyn, Trinidad And Tobago
"Thank you for all the prayers. I know, they have been answered. God bless you. Thank you."
Sharon Dorman
Endicott, New York, United States
"In loving gratitude for all that you do for us to be heard and for helping us to be closer to His deepest truth. Our love and belief in our living God through Jesus Christ and all those who choose His gift of the Holy Spirit. Our devotion is amplified through this loving service. I am deeply moved by His spirit in my life. Reading these responses have been so transforming and uplifting to my faith in answered prayers. God bless us all."
Diane Johnson
El Cajon, CA, United States
"Thank you very much for this site, I know that god will answer my prayer request, i am also praying that this site will be a great success in helping those, who need help in praying. May god bless your team and may his light shine upon your lives. God bless you all."
West Bromwich, United States
"Thank you for this site that we can send our prayers. God bless your team. I have sent my prayers with the confidence that they will be answerd. Thank you"
Loria Johnson
Kent, United Kingdom
"It was by chance that I found your website. My prayer was answered the same day I requested it. Thank you so much."
Norah Harnden
Manchester, United Kingdom
"Thank you so much. God Bless..."
Kerry Rogenstein
Houston, Texas, United States
"Yes! Thank you Lord for helping me stumble onto this site. What a wonderful ministry this is!"
John Soper
Thorold, Canada
"Thank you to all the team in Deliver My Prayer. My prayers are answered and I know that God is always with us. I really appreciate all the effort that were put in to help all of us who are crying within. Thank you for sending my prayers. Thank you."
Marjorie Benedette
Doha, Qatar
"Thank you so much for this wonderful site and for all your prayers. God Bless."
Eileen Crewe
London, United Kingdom
"I feel I am blessed to be a member in this site."
Jega Velayuthem
Safat, Kuwait
"Thank you so much and God bless you for reading my prayers in the Vatican! I feel honored!"
Linda Smock
Mesa, Az, United States
"Am so grateful to find this website, I miraculously found it when I was reading about the life and biography of Saints and Popes. When I opened St Peter's, I was filled with joy to get my prayers read around in one of the most Holy places in the world. I sent my prayer request and some were already there to help me. May the Lord God blees you so much and keep it up."
Sylvester Douson Mwijuka
Baghdad, Iraq
"Oh lord thank you so much for this grace!!!! I dont have words to explain my happiness right now! I'm jumping with happiness! As I was typing my first prayer itself I felt very calmed down.Thank you all for this beautiful service! Thank you for each smile you place in each one's face!!!!"
Chrishanthi Ilapperuma
Wadduwa, Sri Lanka
"Oh my God, thank you for giving blessings through your service. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for the service given by the Delivermyprayer organization members. Praise the lord."
Antony Chrikkal
Idukki,vazhithala,kerala, India
"I thank God for helping me to see this website. God bless!"
Shiela Senicolas
Bohol, Philippines
"Thank you Jesus for this site you guided me to, and may I learn more from it and have a deeper prayer life. All glory to our father, our loving god and his divine son Jesus Christ for this holy guidance to this holy site."
Charles Gunning
"As I was filling in the form for a prayer my cell-phone rang and I was invited to a second interview for what could be a very good career. Now that's fast."
Michael Correll
Sydney, Australia
"Thank you so much!!!! God Bless you all!!!!!"
Cebu City, Philippines
"I think your service is wonderful. I will send quite a few prayers to the Vatican to give thanks and praise. Thank you for your service."
Mary Jo Goodwin
Monroe, MI, United States
"Sweet! Praise God for this site."
Elizabeth Ramos
Brooklyn, United States
"Thank you for this beautiful website. My petitions have been answered. Please do keep me and my family in prayer. God bless."
Abu Dhabi, United Kingdom
"Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do. I was researching a Saint yesterday evening and your website popped up. I sent a prayer request 19:50 U.K. time on the 29th of June. Today I have found they are already being answered. This doesn't surprise me at all, for I truly believe in the power of prayer, and God's promises to us.

My prayers have recently been answered. When I saw what your site promised, I thought how much more efficacious prayers would be, prayed by another Catholic, in the Holiest place in the World. I thought if these prayers were said everyday, they would add to my own prayers, for deserving people, family and friends. With love in Christ,
Christina Burns"
Christina Collette Burns
Bridgend, United Kingdom
"This is a wonderful site. I thank God for having my prayers said, and now answered! Thank you Lord."
Asaba Christine
Kigali, Rwanda
"THANK YOU SO MUCH. I cannot exactly tell how I discovered this wonderful site! May the good Lord bless all those who came up with this noble idea. Amen"
Remi Juma
"Thank you God for guiding me to this wonderful blessed site. God bless all who work and contribute to the Amen"
Lee Hawkes
Waipawa, New Zealand
"Thank you to DeliverMyPrayer group for sending my prayers to the Vatican - I know that the Lord directed me to this site and also to have the power of a whole community to pray together from all over the world. May God bless them all."
Lucy Quatre
London, United Kingdom
"I am soooo happy! Thank you lord for letting me discover this wonderful site. God bless all the members of this site."
Jessy Kiriakos
Beirut, Lebanon
"Thank you Jesus for letting me find this wonderful site. Thank you to all those who keep the site going and to those who read all our prayers aloud in the Vatican church. May god richly bless you all. Amen."
Moira Anne Walsh
North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
"I am blessed to have found this holy site. I thank you all who are involved and may the Lord give you all of your blessings."
Kenny Prejean
Baton Rouge, United States
"I am so excited that I found this site before the world youth day as I will be able to share this site with our young guests who will be staying with us. As they travel on their way to Sydney, may they be truly blessed as I am now."
Shirley Pitts
Ipswich, Australia
"I was not aware that this website was available. It is a great opportunity for me to reinforce my faith and grow spritually. May God bless those who are in need of prayers and those who have made this wonderful opportunity possible. Thank you!"
Vicky Villalobos
Laredo, United States
"I am so please to have found this website. I have sent it out to my friends so they can also enjoy the benefits of this website, because it takes a lot of surfing the net to find treasures like this. I love the contact with other catholics around the world."
Shirley Pitts
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
"Thank you Jesus for the inspriation of creating this site, it has been a sort of refreshment for me. It is wonderful and it draws me daily to God. We are blessed, Amen."
Chinyere Odibo
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
"Thank You so much for this site, and having my prayer read in the church is just a blessing in my life. Now I need to find friends to chat with on the site. God Bless everyone on this site."
Deborah Melillo
New York, United States
"This site is something else. l never knew that my prayers can be said in that Holy Church. Warmest Regards to the owners and those who recite our prayers. l love you all, get Blessed. Amen.

l'm happy my prayers were said loudly in St Peters. Now l am feeling so changed. This really works. "
Emmerson Nyamutswa
Harare, Zimbabwe
"What a beautiful web page this is! Thank you to all who put this page together. May God bless all of you. I am so moved to know that my request is remembered at the Vatican. Thank you so much."
Roze Baker
Linden, Virginia, United States
"Thank you very much. I send you an abundance of God's blessings. It has been a wholesome experience."
Kaoma Kapaya
"This site is a blessing for all whom seek the Lord and connect with our brothers and sisters around the world, UNITED AS ONE FOR THE LOVE OF OUR LORD! AMEN."
"How refreshing to find such a site. It is so reassuring to know that there are still many Catholics worldwide who retain their faith and belief in God. Well done to the organisers of 'Deliver my prayer'. We need many more sites like this one to help Catholics keep in touch and grow in the love and strength of Our Lord Jesus Christ."
Gemma Grant
Dublin, Ireland
"Thank you so much. What a special service!"
Mary Cain
"I thank the God almighty for all your souls. I really feel very relived now that I send my prayers on this site and have proof that my prayers are read aloud. I strongly believe that all my requests are heard. Thank you so much. God is so good to all of us. Be blessed!"
Kampala, Uganda
"I sent my prayer - and it was heard! So thank you for this site and for your great work. "
John Oestergaard
Naestved, Denmark
"I thank God for giving the wisdom to create such a vibrant and really worthy site for us. May the good Lord continue to bless and protect you at all times. To all users, let us make good use of this provided service... All the love."
Kennedy Gregory
Selibe Phikwe, Botswana
"I thank those who brought this site into full existence. It was a very great idea and I believe that God has a way of reaching the whole human race in ways we can not think of. I checked out this site when I was reading a story about Our Lady of Fatima and somehow something within was telling me, why not try looking into the Vatican and see what lies there and this was it. I was so happy I could send a Prayer to the Vatican and I know that all that I have asked for is being granted as I speak. God bless you all and keep up the good work that God has started."
Immaculate Babirye
Kampala, Uganda
"To say just thank you would not be enough to me. Rather, I would pray the Almighty God to strengthen, bless and encourage you even more in this service to humanity. God be with you all."
Cajetan Onyeneke
Owerri, Nigeria
"Thank you to those who thought of this site. I got it from saints of the day. Its good to see a place where we can help each other with prayers, because in the race to success there is no finishing line."
Nairobi, Kenya
"Thanks very much. God Bless you, Amen. I am so overwhelmed that my prayer has been read in Vatican Saint Peter's Church, thanks."
Evelyn Nanthuru
United Kingdom
"I have been having difficulties lately and discovered this site by accident. It is a wonderful idea and I sent up a prayer right away. Thank you and God bless you. Perhaps it was no accident!..."
"Thank you for creating this site. It is very nice and may God bless all of us."
Chinyere Odibo
Lagos, Nigeria
"I'm so grateful of becoming one of the beneficiaries of this prayer service... This is not only a matter of service to help us deliver our prayers but also of reaching out to people who also want to make friends all over the world, being united as one in Christ... Truly, "Caritas Christi Urget Nos!""
Omar Delgado
Silang, Cavite, Philippines
"I just want to say thanks to the keepers of this website. I stumbled upon this one dark night and have felt such comfort since that day. I have prayed for friends with illnesses, who were healed though the skillful hands of surgeons, who no doubt had the Lord Jesus himself touching each patient with His mighty healing hand.

What a wonder this site is. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart"
"Thank you for your wonderful work in sharing the love of God by the using the modern gadget of the internet to reach me. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Pray for me here in the desert land."
Jedda, Saudi Arabia
"Thank you for providing such hope. God bless you...with love."
Federal Way, United States
"Bravo!!! What a unique site through which our prayers can reach heaven via the holy city of the Vatican. I was really impressed to know that people like you are trying to bring peace to 'troubled' souls... I mean, faithfuls feel relaxed to know that their prayers are prayed inside of the St Peters. Keep up the good work and may god bless you all."
Mumbai, India
"This is a great set up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Rob Millar
Canberra, Australia
"YOU are really touching peoples lives. May God bless you people."
Ralph Chibuzo Angel
Abuja, Nigeria
"If ever there was a time that we needed a prayer website - this is the time. Thank you for this opportunity. Remember as prayers go up, blessings come down."
Diane K
Eastpointe, MI, United States
"Thanks for providing this service for people to share their views. I pray that this team will lead me to Jesus once again. You people are doing good work. May God almighty reward you and bless the team. Amen."
Ralph Chibuzo Angel
Abuja, Nigeria
"I am very grateful that this website has been created. The Wonders of God may now be asked via the Internet by many people who can search for the answers to questions about life. I have a feeling of great confidence that my prayer will be heard. I believe that the Holy Spirit is alway with us. I am very lucky...thank you."
Melencio B. Eugenio
Singapore, Singapore
"Greetings. Thank you for praying for our cousin. I truly believe in miracles and I know our prayers will be answered. Amen."
Mary Perez
Helotes, United States
"I am thankful for Saint Peter's Church and thankful for all the priests and padre of the Catholic Church for these prayers. I have faith that my prayers will soon be answered. Thank you...Amen."
Patricia Rosales
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
"Thank you for praying with us for Jason. He is doing very, very well and we are so grateful for the warm, heartfelt prayers. In Love and light, we thank you. xxo"
Sydney, Australia
"What a wonderful blessing. Thank you, Lord! Thank you all!"
Lisa And Family
Federal Way, WA, United States
"Last night I prayed to the divine mercy for help and to guide me towards ways of helping others as I am disabled. There was nothing much I could do this morning until I received an email to join your network. Thank god my prayer was answered. I promise to pray for everyone that needs the divine mercy's help. God bless one and all. xxx"
Margurita Simpson
Poulton-Le-Fylde, United Kingdom
"This site was shown to me by the Almighty Lord. I was drawn to it by the Holy Spirit - so powerful that it cured my sister Electra. She is now free, can understand and is so thankful for all the prayers that are said at the Vatican. Thank you all so much I cannot express my gratitude for all the prayers.
Thank you."
Zanzibar, Tanzania
"It was a blessing when I came across this website... I am thankful for this site as I had this burning issue all day to pray for after returning from Easter Sunday Mass. Blessings and may God continue to guide and keep you all on this prayer team."
Norma Allen
Kingston, Jamaica
"I came upon this site while reading about the Saint of the day. God directed me to this prayer site, and I am so happy. It is said that God works in mysterious ways, this is definitely proof. God Bless all that are involved in delivering my prayers to the Vatican. This is truly amazing! I cannot make it to Palm Sunday Mass today because of my illness, and I was feeling really bad about it. Now I feel as if I am their, at the Vatican!!!
Thank You so much for helping me to be closer to God today."
Laurie Bailer
Dayton, Nevada, United States
"I want to say thank you for prayering for my family... Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Mary Nevin
Westmeath, Ireland
Here is an update on two of the people that you have been praying for.

My friend, Farrell, who went into the hospital, had two stints put in both legs, had a mild stroke afterwards, with slurred speech and unable to move part of his right arm; he has recovered, slurred speech gone, right arm is movable, but the doctors said one of his carotid arteries needed to be cleaned out. When they went to do the procedure, the artery was all cleared.

The other praise report is a woman named Kathy who had a brain tumor, she just had her scans and the doctors are amazed she is cancer free. She was given 6 months to live.

God's blessings,
Larry A Arceneaux
Houma, United States
"The ability to convey my heartfelt prayers to God within St. Peter's is, for me, a source of great solace and comfort. You provide a wonderful service.
Thank you. "
Jack D'Emic
Brooklyn, NY, United States
"From the bottom of my heart with sincerity, I would humbly like to express my appreciation. Thanks very much for delivering my prayer."
Jerard Aaron
"Dear sirs, My heartiest gratitude for the submission of my prayer. Thank You."
Steven K. Kutai
"I too love this site and I am not sure how I found it. I think it was meant to be. Thank You for giving me an outlet to speak to God (I know he is always with me). "
Joyce Romero
Denver, United States
"It's strange how I came accross this site. But it all happened for a reason. Thank you May God bless you all."
Auckland, New Zealand
"This is a beautiful site to place Request for Prayer, which we receive from our brothers and sisters quite often. I thank and ask God to bless all of you by answering your prayers in very special way... Amen"
Larry A Arceneaux
Houma, Louisiana, United States
"I just joined DMP recently through an invitation from my mother. It is so comforting to know that so many people are praying for my petitions and especially where they are praying from. What an exciting experience, especially it must be for those who have no one to pray for them. God Bless everyone, you are in my prayers...Michael."
Michael J. Foster
Klamath Falls, OR, United States
"I would just like to say thank you so very much for delivery of my prayer. This is truly a wonderful opportunity. May God Bless You All. "
S. Slocum
"You have given me hope & faith, by having my prayers read, in one of the most holy places on earth. Thank you very much."
Oneonta, NY, United States
"I was searching for help on the internet. This site came along and I feel I was sent to it. Thank You for helping me and my family and friends. "
Marla Anderson
Illinois, United States
"Thank You very much for delivering my prayer. I am absoutely delighted and I thank the Lord for his wonderful works. I can foresee deliverance and I am going to send more prayer requests for all other family members. I admire your team and their efforts to do so much for all people. Thanks once again."
Alphonso D'Souza
Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
"Thank you so much, for sending my prayer to the Vatican, to be read aloud. I know God directed me to this site, I have never seen it before. I need prayers, for my self, and my fractured family. I just want God, to hear my prayer, in Jesus's Name. I visited the Vatican almost two years ago, and I felt God's Presence as I walked through the doors. It is truly God's Home on Earth. Please pray for me and my daughters."
Patricia Delgado
Brandywine Md., United States
"Thanks a lot, for reading aloud my prayer request at St. Peter's Basilica. I know our god almighty is gracious to listen to my prayer. I am aimed at visiting St. Peter's Basilica and Lourdes (France) at least once in my life time. Thanks once again. I remain yours lovingly."
Lourdes Arasu
Chennai, India
"I thank you and my father thanks you. He recently recovered and we are in great gratitude to you. God bless you."
Steven Growels
Ontario, Canada
"From the bottom of my heart I thank you for sending my prayers so quickly to St. Peter’s. I believe your service has made a big difference in my life. More to follow…"
William Sanders
Connecticut, United States
"I love it! My mother and I log on every week to make sure our most important prayers are heard."
Sherry Stufield
Colorado, United States
"We enjoy how much the meaningful prayers are sent with you. Merci."
Jacque DeBoinne
Nice, France
"The results speak for themselves. God bless you."
Linda Trunsman
NSW, Australia
"I have told my church group about They have all taken a look and almost all have used it and have great things to say. Thank you for your important service."
Henry Fillsworth
Georgia, United States
"We are so thrilled that you provide this service. We truly love having our prayers sent to the Vatican's holy church. Keep helping people like us."
Havner Family
Ohio, United States
"Thank you! This has become a huge help for me and my sister. We have become supporters."
Daniel Penboll
Florida, United States


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