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Prayer Groups are gatherings of members who have things in common (Examples: A local church group, people in a town or city, or members interested in similar topics). Group members can pray together or for one another, start discussions, invite friends and family, and build relationships. Groups can be public or private as is designated by the founding member of the group. Private Groups require an invitation to join, and Public Groups are open to all to join. You may browse or join the Groups below or Start your own Prayer Group at the bottom of this page.

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Public Group Healing In The Name Of Jesus
Please pray for me! I recently suffered from a sensorineural hearing loss from my right ear, I was at the hospital where I received medicine for 3 days a intratympanic injection with a catheter one drop per hour. I'm taking prednisolone orally with vitamins for the ear as well. I need to recover all my hearing back.
Public 4
For any sickness,financial problems,family problems,satanic problems, family harmony,lack of faith in Lord Jesus. E.mail:
Public 27
Public Group Work For The Salvation Of Souls.
This group is to do the work of charity, and to pray for the salvation of souls.
Public 20
Public Group Angels And Saints.
This is ware you can tell how you've been helped by angels and saints.
Public 21
Public Group CHAMATKAR
Anhoni honime badalsakta he kyon ki Parmeswar ke pas hi sarejagat sari brahmand or Sari sristika adhikar he.
Public 10
Public Group Saint Philomena
I built this group to share all devotion and prayers to this lilttle saint, with so strong mind, to sacrafice her life for jesus. Please make share and worship her, she listen to every prayer.
Public 17
Public Group SCRIFICE A PRAYER........
Public 13
Public Group King Of Kings For Jesus
pray for me pastor
Public 9

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Anyone can start a Prayer Group! We recommend creating a group that you would like to invite your friends to join - so you may share thoughts, discussions, prayers, and anything else you have in common with one another. Please enter a name, a brief description, and select if your new group shall be open to the public or only to those you and others in your group invite.

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